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Final Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Last - Assignment Example The intensity of media, as a wellspring of validity, is a device of political influence. The linkage among legislative issues and media has not been investigated broadly with a little exploration interfacing the two. It is imperative to explore on the degree to which influence in news media relies upon the watchers and audience members mentalities towards the news media as an affiliation. One source affirms that individuals who believed the media were defenseless to plan settings from media data. Different examinations show that individuals will in general embrace the situation of media has, particularly where the host is dependable and proficient (Wasserstrom 25). During the political crusades, media houses complete pre-surveying overviews and give measurements to general society. Now and again, media gives verifiable outcomes and at times non-real. Politicians’ motivating forces lead them to support data sources they can control and attempt to lessen the impact of sources as sociated with rival political groups or with no group (Wasserstrom 34). This is never really negative exposure as depicted by rival lawmakers in a similar race for a political seat. As a method of affecting the public’s conduct on the principle Election Day, most of general society receives the media’s story and decisions in favor of or against the specific up-and-comer. In looking at press opportunity, media houses are permitted by law to channel the data they share with open to suit a specific intrigue insofar as the intrigue isn't intended to make savagery or damage the general population. Proficient news-casting is the best way to guarantee validity in the media to increase open trust. An endeavor to comprehend media opportunity presents media pluralism, which a couple of individuals would restrict on a basic level. The media have permitted access to an expansive scope of social articulations and political perspectives, which comprise the essential approaches of th e media strategy which straightforwardly interface media with vote based system (Wasserstrom 54). This perspectives that media pluralism as a political, hypothetical, or observational methodology, which is accepted to typify the focal clashes in present day contemplating the cultural job of media. Religion contributes in the production of the aggregate cognizance of the unwavering, which constructs solid strict bonds among the Christians. Religion has its own built up institutional structures which hugely contribute in the establishment of laws and upkeep of harmony and request in a country. Additionally, the strict establishments impact the monetary status of countries given that the congregation and society are indistinguishable. Religion likewise assumes a job in the recovery projects of errant citizenry, thus improving harmony and request in the general public. This outcomes in decrease of crime percentage and increment in financial exercises. This outcomes from the little scope business and cultivating done by the restored hoodlums. Training adds to capable correspondence, which impacts the socialization of residents in legislative issues. For example, verbal correspondence is adequate in correspondence, henceforth correspondence through composing is additionally accentuated. This is on the grounds that conveying verbally upgrades worrying of focuses and it is all the more energetic contrasted with the composed correspondence. The normal individuals understand that correspondence through composing empowers individuals to acknowledge social connections. Likewise, the last gives a record of occasions, in this way on the off chance that there is a requirement for data reference can be made effectively to the reported composed archive. Most of individuals

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How to spell in lieu of

Step by step instructions to spell in lieu of Step by step instructions to spell in lieu of Step by step instructions to spell in lieu of By Maeve Maddox At whatever point I go over an irregular incorrect spelling, I do a hunt to perceive how basic it is. This incorrect spelling of in lieu of grabbed my eye: †¦so I can run keynote in leu of utilizing powerpoint. A Google look for in leu of raised around 23,600,000 hits. The bank is inquiring as to whether we might want to carry out a thing in leu of abandonment. I was told I could take prison time in leu of the fine. Hair blossom in leu of a cover Anybody ever use conduit tape in leu of edge tape? To what extent would i be able to leave potatoes in the ground? (in leu of capacity) To be reasonable, a large portion of these models are from discussions and remarks. Google does solicit Did you mean in lieu from? The articulation came into English from French en lieu de, instead of, from the Latin expression in loco, instead of. Our English word rather is a calque of these remote articulations. It was composed as two words, in stead, until the seventeenth century. Stead implies place, as in property. Primary concern: If youre not certain how to spell in lieu of, you can use rather than. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Spelling classification, check our well known posts, or pick a related post below:15 Terms for Those Who Tell the FutureThe Parts of a Word20 Movies Based on Shakespeare Plays

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A Simple 6-Step Process to Starting a Small Business

A Simple 6-Step Process to Starting a Small Business A successful business venture doesn’t grow overnight.It takes months and years of hard work to morph into your dream goal. Starting a business begins with a simple thought and when we pursue this thought and make it a reality â€" a business is born.Let’s understand the hardships and the first baby steps to take before you start your own small business.In the later sections, there will be a 6-step guide to kickstarting your own business in the most effortless way possible.THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE SETTING UP A BUSINESSFocus on your customers and employeesA business can only flourish if your customers have a demand for your products. Without demand, your supply will soon lead to losses.Hence, it’s necessary to understand and develop a product that the people need.Spend time researching your local markets to understand what services or products people need the most and ones that are in short supply.Don’t worry about the competition during the initial phase, with good service and mar keting campaigns, you can overtake even well-established competitors. Another important aspect is paying attention to your employees.A successful company is established with loyal workers, without whom youend up hiring all year long.Spend a decent budget on training programs and implementing flexible work-life balance.Ensure your employees are happy that they don’t need to switch companies over time.The Business NameOne of the most important things in any business is its name. Consider asking yourself these questionsIs the business name easy to remember? Is it one word or two words long? Your business name will merge with the identity of your brand and will forever be spoken by your consumers.So, ensure you spend a good amount of time brainstorming your business name so you don’t have to change it ever.You will need to immediately register the business name for a license as well as a domain name for an online business venture. Identity is a crucial aspect of your business â€" pr ospective customers will come to know of your products through your brand name.For example, â€" Apple was a fruit prior to the founding of the tech company, today everyone understands the value and goals that the company aims to fulfill.Save Money During the Early PhaseRunning a business requires you to have sufficient savings to ensure the cash flow and the demands of the company are met.It’s necessary for business owners to save every penny during their initial phase to enjoy a successful launch. Understand that to run the business operations you need funds that you can access.Are you going to take a loan on your funds or do you already have a sizeable investment set up for your business?If you intend to take a loan, you need to be good with the banks or loan lenders, you need to prove to them that your business is a great investment and that you’re good for paying them back with interest.Consider coming up with a 1 or 2-year plan before you overshoot your business plan for 5- years.The interest can eventually add up and you can’t commit to a business with the stress of a big loan.Hence, it’s necessary to save up during your initial phase.Managing Cash FlowsKnowing when to cut costs and when to employ important personnel is the responsibility of the business owner. The business owner is responsible to manage the cash flow.Remember you need to have a roof over your head and have your own personal bills to pay, there is also the matter of having long-term savings to secure your retirement.Don’t just blindly invest all profits back into the company, investing more doesn’t necessarily grow your company.You need to have a long-term plan or gather other investors to invest in your goal.Many companies are ready to invest if you prove to them why your company is a safe bet in the coming years.Always remember the golden rule! â€" have savings to fall back on when starting a business.6 SIMPLE STEPS TO SETTING UP A SMALL BUSINESS1. Write Down a Full Business PlanResearch is the most important step in setting up a business.Do you really have a million-dollar idea or are you contemplating one?Ideas conjured up during your planning stage aren’t necessarily going to generate profits in reality. To get an understanding of your business, ask yourself a few questions â€"Who are my audience?Are there similar companies that are offering the products in the market?How can I beat the competition out?What niche does my business fit under?Questions that you ask yourself will help you realize where the flaw exists and how to confront it. Ask questions on self-help sites such as Quora, Reddit, and WikiAnswers to get answers from leading experts.Conducting market-research and considering factors for your ideal consumer such as â€"   gender, age, demographics, etc. will help in identifying your audience.Once you’ve got the type of audience you want to sell to, preparations for setting up your business begins.Every bit of knowledge counts when start ing a business, a single mistake costs you valuable time. Time that you can’t get back.Hence, it’s best to start off on the right foot.2. Finalize Budget and Secure FinancesEvery company requires an investment to start operations.These investments cover the cost of infrastructure, employee wages, utility bills, production, transportation, warehousing, etc.Even if your business requires less investment during the initial phase, it’s necessary to have access to funds during an expansion or to acquire equipment.Funding your business can be done in a number of ways â€"CrowdfundingCrowdfunding is a popular way to increase your funds.This finance option requires you to present an idea on a crowdfunding website and if your idea is received well by an audience, they can choose to fund your project.Crowdfunding has several layers of funding such as Equity funding, marketplace lending, and donation-based funding.Business LoansWhen you absolutely need to launch your business immediately and can’t wait for allocating funds, a loan is a good way to secure funding.To apply for a loan, one must demonstrate a credit-free history and the purpose of securing the loan.Banks are usually the financing partners but there are also private partners that finance business loans.Angel InvestorsAngel investors are those investors who must possess a minimum net worth of $1 million and must have an annual income of over $200,000.Finding an angel investor is like finding a pin in a haystack for the average small business owner.Although it isn’t impossible, through effective networking one can find an angel investor that cares enough about your project to provide you the much-needed funds.3. Setup a WebsiteA business without a website is like drivinga car with three wheels â€" you won’t get too far without crashing.In this digital age, a company must have its own website to demonstrate credibility and to increase its consumer count.Every top company has its own professional websi te that showcases information about the company and its employees. Companies even provide their goals and values and also offer career placements through their websites for recruitment.Remember to choose a domain name that is similar to your business.If the domain name is taken, it’s necessary to contact the individual or company that has bought your domain name or choose the next best one.To acquire a domain name, simply head over to either GoDaddy or 11 and sign up for one.Next, visit Bluehost or HostGator, for a premium hosting platform. The investment required to set up an online site is considered peanuts in comparison to the benefits you receive.Next, you need a content management system to run your website and themes, the most user-friendly platform is WordPress.Finally, all you need is to familiarize yourself with WordPress themes and plugins and your online website is set. From here, constantly update your business website with the latest news and products so your consume rs are updated.4. Obtain Licenses and an Accounting SystemLicenses and permits are required for running a small business according to your country’s laws. For a list of licenses and permits regarding small businesses, click here.If you don’t know what licenses and permits apply to your business, visit the local municipal offices in your area and ask for more information.Another important aspect when running a small business is to consider hiring an accountant. An accountant is extremely important as he prepares the annual budget, pricing options, generates invoices, and files your taxes. If you wish, hire an accountant utilizing one of the many freelancing sites such as â€" Upwork, Fiverr, and Peopleperhour.Other options include opting for an automated accounting software system such as FreshBooks and ZohoBooks. When choosing an accounting software, ensure these features are enabled â€"The ability for software to perform budgetingSupport system for merchant transactionsInventory managementQuality Sales TrackingBusiness Tax AnalysisPayroll ComputingEstimates5. Secure Your TeamBehind every successful company is a team of co-workers that work hard to ensure the goal of the company is achieved.When hiring employees, don’t just hunt for technical skills, but pay attention to their soft skills analysis as well.An employee that’s great at communication and is able to perform his job role effectively is a double win for the company.Employee satisfaction must be entertained in the company, here are some ways to ensure your workers are happy â€"Provide flexible work timingsVacation packagesReferral RewardsCelebratory events such as Birthdays and Anniversaries of EmployeesPromotionsBonus on Healthcare and InsuranceWhen you have a loyal set of employees that are passionate to work for the company on their own, your brand will soon take to the skies.6. Promote BusinessA marketing strategy is necessary to get your business the visibility it needs to grow.There are v arious marketing plans to consider â€" digital marketing, sales marketing, advertising, etc.Before we get into any of these, we need to understand the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your product.Once you determine what your product has that other products in the same category don’t, we need to focus this USP as the main focal point of the marketing strategy.Here are 3 ways to generate consumers for your businessDigital MarketingScouring over social media networks and posting related posts to your industry is a great way to get people to talk about your product and brand.Creating necessary article posts to generate hype or offering a discount coupon for first-time buyers is a great way to create publicity.Email MarketingGenerating leads through email is a popular choice for salesmen and while most end up in spam, a well-created email can entice your clients into checking your product out.Obtain email addresses by offering free products to your clients in return for their email addresses when they visit your website.Sales MarketingThe good old-fashioned way of picking up the phone and explaining your product to your clients.The lead generation rate is far lower than the above two strategies but it’s necessary to try all available options if you want maximum awareness.Remember, door-to-door sales marketing is also a great option.BONUS STEP! VALIDATE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA BEFORE LAUNCHINGEver heard the phrase â€" Test the waters before you jump in?A business is no different than jumping into a pool of cold water.A soft launch such as launching your brand only in your neighborhood is a good idea.Approaching strangers to test your product and provide feedback through a survey form is a quick way to receive lots of feedback. This is to understand where the issues of your product lie.Once you’ve addressed the issues, your product will improve drastically before the actual launch and in this way, you avoid embarrassment from your consumers.If there was an overs ight during the planning stages, this is the time to rectify it.3 KEY GOALS TO ACHIEVE FOR NEW ENTREPRENEURS AFTER STARTING A BUSINESS1. Setup a Great TeamAs an entrepreneur, your first goal after setting up a business is to ensure a good work team is assembled to run the operations.Focusing on your employees helps in retaining them for a longer duration and their morale will be boosted if they are happy working for your company, thus, increasing productivity.A survey conducted by NRBI demonstrates that employees that are satisfied with their jobs tend to stay longer in their job roles.The survey claims that by providing employees with employee benefits such as â€" healthcare plans, vacation leave, flexible work timings, family insurance, vehicle allowance, etc. employees tend to think twice before they decide to switch their jobs.By acquiring a dedicated team, your office culture improves and your employees understand exactly what needs to be done for the company to grow.Employing newer recruits requires training and periodic reevaluation to check their performance.Hence, it’s necessary to focus on employee retention to increase the success of your company in the long run. 2. Solve all product issues through customer feedbackIs your product facing logistic issues? Are there manufacturing issues with acquiring raw materials? It’s necessary to ensure all product issues are solved within the first week of launch to ensure consumers are attracted to your brand. If even one aspect is lacking, your business tends to take the brunt of the damage.Your customers are the best way to gain information on how your product is performing in the market. Provide customer satisfaction forms with your product and take this information seriously.Customers usually know what they want and what needs to change in the product. If a growing consensus from your consumers demand that your product’s pricing is too high, it may be time to lower your product pricing.Ensure you expla in to your customer-service team to forward all customer complaints to your senior level managers.Don’t ignore your customer complaints or you’ll end up under the bridge not knowing what went wrong when there were plenty of signals from your customers. 3. Figure out your product’s USPA USP is known as a “Unique Selling Proposition” and it’s what defines the uniqueness of your product from the rest of your competitors.Without a USP, your product has nothing to lay claim to a competitor’s product that is already well established. Developing a USP for your item is absolutely necessary in order to promote your product better to your audience.To understand your USP, conduct some serious research and figure out what makes your product tick in the market.Analyze and pinpoint all the advantages that your product provides and then compare it side-by-side to a competitor’s product.Once you’ve found issues lacking in your competitor’s product, it’s time to market your pro duct’s uniqueness to your customers.Ad campaigns and digital marketing strategies must highlight the product’s USP in order for your customers to understand what they get by choosing your product over that of a competitor.For example â€" if Jet Airways provided a free meal to its economy class fliers while no other airlines provided free meals, then the USP for Jet Airways would be “the free meal along with your economy class ticket”. CLOSING WORDSIf success is achieved overnight, the world would be full of millionaires and there’s no need to list them on a Forbes article.Starting a business isn’t an overnight adventure, it takes time to develop and in time, you will certainly see the profits rise.By covering the bases with the above tips, you’ll surely achieve success by consistently working and making the right changes to cover the flaws of your business.

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Absolutism and Peter the Great - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1014 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2017/09/25 Category Advertising Essay Type Narrative essay Tags: Civilization Essay Did you like this example? Absolutism and Peter the Great Many monarchs, particularly those of European descent, employed the flourishing absolutist philosophy during their reign in the seventeenth century. Defined as the absolute or unlimited rule usually by one man, absolutism is virtually equivalent to the philosophy of despotism. A ruler incorporating the absolutist philosophy has complete control of his subjects and the highest authority with which to govern. With origins dating back to the Ancient Greeks, absolutism found root in some of Aristotles theories: Aristotle despotic government (nearly convertible with tyrannical) is that of a single ruler that rules, not for the public good but for his own. And from Roman political theory regarding the power of the monarch, there had survived, particularly, a legacy of ideas associated with the position and prestige of a ruler which greatly strengthened the power of a dynasty. Based on this Greek foundation in Aristotelian thought and Roman politic al theory, absolutism rose in other schools of philosophy as it gained prominence in the political world. Combining natural-law doctrines with the theory of royal absolutism, fourteenth century philosopher Bartolus of Sassoferrato believed that the ruler should not be bound to the laws of the government, but still should obey them whenever possible. In agreement with Bartolus, another fourteenth century philosopher, Lucas de Penna advocated that the ruler is only accountable to divine authority, being responsible to God alone, not the people. Further de Penna believed that law is the articulation of the ethical virtue of justice and reason is the foundation for that law. Thereby debasing the importance of the kings obedience to established law. As civilization began to organize in city-states to individual countries to entire dynasties or empires, all needing some form of government, the people organized hierarchically. Establishing order under one appointed leader helped advance that civilization; those advances, however, quickly leveled out into a plateau of stagnation under the political unit of feudalism. During the seventeenth century, the various peoples of Western Europe enjoyed the many benefits of a relatively advanced civilization in many respects but were, with few exceptions, incapable of self-government The result was that governmental authority was held by a number of rulers who assumed unto themselves all the responsibilities of political leadership. † Lord Acton, a famous historian, while not advocating its use, believed that absolutism was highly necessary for the survival and actual allowance for European growth through her monarchs. Three characteristics that specifically mark a seventeenth century absolute monarch are charisma, active advocating of the Divine Right of kings, and innovativeness. Known as the period of transformation, the reign of Peter the Great in Russia was one of great change and revolutionary movements toward s modernity. As the Tsar Reformer, Peter embraced his monarchy with zeal and absoluteness. He took an underdeveloped, primitive Russia and forcibly pushed her to the road of progress, secularism, modernity, and eventual rebirth. It was only through acknowledgment and utilization of his strengths and talents that provided Peter with the insight to accomplish such a feat. On September 22, 1689, Peter took control of the Russian throne under the guidance of his mother. Before taking position on the throne, Peter entered manhood through the vast amount of experiences he encountered at a very young age. He lived through three coups detat, constant threats of violence against his family, seven years of semi-exile, his first military campaigns, an unprecedented journey to western Europe and a major revolt against his rule. From these bitter personal experiences, these painful political struggles, and these tentative approaches to war and government, Peter slowly learned the strengths and weaknesses of his heritage. As stated by V. O. Kliuchevsky, Peters contradiction in work, his errors, his hesitations, his obstinacy, his lack of judgment in civil affairs, his uncontrollable cruelty, and, on the other hand his wholehearted love of his country, his stubborn devotion to his work, the broad, enlightened outlook he brought to bear on it, his daring plans conceived with creative genius and concluded with incomparable energy, and finally the uccess he achieved by the incredible sacrifices of his people and himself, all these different characteristics make it difficult to paint one painting of the Tsarist Reformer. A multi-faceted man, Peter knew what it would take to deliver his people from the chaotic disorder of the past into a more peaceful progressive future. Boundless energy and an endless drive, Peter truly embodied the absolute stamina of a superhero. Employing the doctrine of the Divine Right of kings, Peter had no problem acting as the supreme authority wi th which he governed. In addition, he readily accepted any role permitted to him through this doctrine. In fact, in response to his responsibility as tsar, Peter became a soldier-king, a European diplomat, and a social reformer to name a few. Also known for his reforms, Peter transformed Russia politically, economically, and somewhat socially. Financially, Peter reopened trade for the Russians, creating a huge influx in their economy and bringing prosperity back into the system. His expansionist mindset allowed for the most startling development in trade to even occur. Thus, the emergence of Baltic trade. While Peter looked globally for ways to extend the Russian borders, he also concentrated on internal reform as well, such as internal transportation focused on the rivers of Russia. Overall, Peters commercial reforms were a huge success. Peter also geared his transforming abilities to that of the Russian Church. He chose not to focus on Church doctrine, but rather the people who use this doctrine. He wanted the people to be subject to his decree, not the mandate of the Church. Peter was suspicious of the Churchs political motivations and aspirations and chose not to trust in the papal leadership. He believed that the Russian Patriarch was trying to become a second sovereign possessing power equal to or above that of the autocrat, thus challenging his belief in the Divine Right of kings. While Peter did not have any major accomplishments to speak of during his reign, he paved the way for the future leaders of Russia to push to the forefront of politics, trade, and economics. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Absolutism and Peter the Great" essay for you Create order

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Can a Candle Burn in Zero Gravity

A candle can burn in zero gravity, but the flame is quite a bit different. Fire behaves differently in space and microgravity than on Earth. Microgravity Flames A microgravity flame forms a sphere surrounding the wick. Diffusion feeds the flame with oxygen and allows carbon dioxide to move away from the point of combustion, so the rate of burning is slowed. The flame of a candle burned in microgravity is an almost invisible blue, so invisible that video cameras on the Mir Space Station could not even detect the color. Experiments on Skylab and Mir indicate that the temperature of the flame is too low for the yellow color seen on Earth. Smoke and soot production are different for candles and other forms of fire in space or zero gravity compared to those on earth. Unless airflow is available, the slower gas exchange from diffusion can produce a soot-free flame. However, when burning stops at the tip of the flame, soot production begins. Soot and smoke production depend  on the fuel flow rate. It isnt true that candles burn for a shorter length of time in space. Dr. Shannon Lucid (Mir), found that candles that burn for 10 minutes or less on Earth produced a flame for up to 45 minutes. When the flame is extinguished, a white ball surrounding the candle tip remains, which may be a fog of flammable wax vapor.

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The Corporate Rundown Tesla Motors Free Essays

string(52) " as many as 500,000 Eves per year by the year 2020\." Tests gains competitive advantage over auto industry competitors because of their direct-to- nonuser sales, stores and service centers, innovative consumer financing options, and technological innovations. Tests faces multiple risks in its ongoing operations and strategic plans for future growth. Teasel’s 201 2 annual report cites 63 risks related to Teasel’s business and industry and an additional 6 risks related to the ownership of their common stock. We will write a custom essay sample on The Corporate Rundown Tesla Motors or any similar topic only for you Order Now In an attempt to identify gaps and propose recommendations for future implementation an analysis of the principal forces of supply and demand on the industry / company is required. Tests Motors-?objective and Strategy Chant Nell Tests Motors eschews the traditional auto industry â€Å"dealership† model and bypasses dealers and reaches customers directly through company-owned showrooms and online retail channels Value-added services are included, such as supercharger stations being installed in major markets throughout the US. Strategy Tests aims to become a mass producer of electric vehicles. In 2008, it launched the Tests Roadster model-?a paradigm shift/keystone in the EVE market. Tests has positioned itself as a key competitor in the EVE market. Market Positioning Tests covers key EVE market segments and dominates the EVE segment Of the argue automotive industry. The 201 2 Model S targeted at the middle- and upper-middle-class customer. The 2014 Model X to take advantage of the booming SUB crossover segment. The 201 6 Gene Ill is positioned to compete with mass market Eves. Alliances To facilitate growth, Tests has cultivated X types of partnerships, including supplier alliances, RD alliances, and MEMO alliances with other automobile manufacturers. Additional revenue is generated from the sale of electric power train components and development services. Tests Motors-?Financial Performance and Future Guidance Tests Motors held its initial public offering (PIP) on January 29th of 2010. According to a break even analysis the firm became cash flow positive for the first time in its history in Q of PAYOFF. Tests has unique business structure. Its competitors in its industry are highly mature as opposed to Teasel’s newly developed business model, thus finding comparable companies can be difficult. Given Teasel’s uniqueness, two comparable analyses were required. One comparable analysis captures Teasel’s industry competitors and one comparable analysis will capture Teasel’s high growth rate. For the industry memorable analysis, seven companies are utilized to derive the industry average EVE/Revenue and EVE/Gross Profit levels. Using a weighted EVE/Revenue and EVE/Gross Profit for both set at 50%, the top line and the gross profit of the industry will sustain Teasel’s future target levels. When screening for comparable for the growth rates in order to calculate the companies that have relative high revenue growth rate for 201 3 and 2014 a weighted EVE/ Revenue of 70% and EVE/Gross Profit of 30% is the best achievable outcome and is the most important measurement to consider for the high growth company. Existing Tests Market Dynamics- Lifestyle / Supply Chain Management: Tests created its life cycle and supply train strategy with the full understanding it wouldn’t be the only producer of all-electric vehicles for long. Teasel’s value proposition or â€Å"uniqueness† had to come from a commitment to being â€Å"at least two generations ahead† of its rivals. But how could it achieve that goal, when its battery packs came from a company in Taiwan that had previously manufactured only barbeques? Teasel’s own engineers would have to spend months in Asia working out the design and engineering kinks. And the extra costs wound up wiping out the savings from cheap labor. To combat this Tests employed the following policies. It brought the power train manufacturing back in-house. Final assembly was relocated to California from the United Kingdom. Contract manufacturing was limited to the non-power elements of the vehicle. Its supplier base, more than 85 percent of which consisted of vendors producing a single part, was slashed. The company is now producing the Model S, a sedan with a base price of $57,000 greatly widening market of potential buyers. Through several iterations of its Roadster; each representing an improvement in quality and a reduction in production costs, as well as the initial production year for the Model S, Tests has pushed forward with its strategy although some issues do present themselves such as the recently announcement on Fox Business that â€Å"Tests provided some disappointing news in its recent third-quarter earnings report. The maker of electric cars lowered expectations for 2014 deliveries and delayed the launch of its Model X, a high-end electric crossover, until next fall. † This could point to some supply and demand issue and warrants further investigation. Controls: Teasel’s strategy centers around maintaining high quality controls as they transition to a higher level of in-house manufacturing process; and that the information technology systems that we are currently expanding and improving upon will be effective to manage a higher volume production. Operations: Tests sells its cars to customers through its stores which it fully owns and operates. Tests stores and galleries â€Å"are highly visible, premium outlets in major metropolitan markets some of which combine retail sales and service†. Teasel’s stores change the entire car buying experience and take way the incentive of both the buyer and seller to compete on price. Furthermore, Teasel’s stores allow the firm to achieve operating efficiencies as well as capture sales and services revenues that typical automobile manufacturers do not. Technology: Earlier this year Teasel’s CEO, Leon Musk, announced to the world to permit competitors to, â€Å"in good faith,† make use of the automaker’s patent portfolio for free. The goal, he wrote on Teasel’s weapon, was to lure automakers into entering the electric vehicle (â€Å"EVE†) market. This patent policy shift was put forth in an effort to quicken the argental growth of Eves in the automotive market currently dominated by internal combustion engine vehicles. Additionally, Tests announced has an agreement with Panasonic to build a new, United States based battery plant. According to Deanne De Freesias of IV News, â€Å"Dubbed the Cofactors, the facility will be able to produce batteries for as many as 500,000 Eves per year by the year 2020. You read "The Corporate Rundown Tesla Motors" in category "Papers" The scale of the production is projected to be so large, in fact, that by 2020 the Cofactors alone would produce as much battery capacity as the entire world produced in 2013. † Freesias goes on the say, â€Å"To be ere, the impact of the Cofactors will positively affect electric auto sales. The Cofactors scale and capacity may be felt across the technology and energy sectors as well. Financial: Tests announced a new financing option for customers that aim to bring down the monthly cost of owning a Model S. The finance option allows customers to enter into a 5. 5 year loan for around $500-$600 per month. Essentially, the customer does not have to put down any money up front because all Tests customers receive a federal tax credit. The fed eral tax credit is an incentive from the government for consumers to arches electric vehicles. The finance option combines the best features of a lease and a loan and makes the car affordable to more consumers. Lattice: Teasel’s direct-to-consumer car sales are a strong strategic position and advantage they hold over typical automobile manufacturers in North America. Most automobile manufacturers are required by state law to sell their vehicles their franchised car dealerships. Tests is able to sell their cars directly to consumers because it has no franchised dealers Automotive Industry Business Cycle According to Douche, â€Å"Many factors affect the performance of an industry and s each industry makes up a portion of real GAP, they in turn can impact the cycle of the economy. The automotive industry is clearly impacted by macroeconomic policy and auto production and sales rates in relation to interest rates, real GAP, inflation and unemployment make this evident.. † Tests has the deliberate yet novel approach of phasing in their product offerings gradually starting with the very high end / high performance model and then through its entrants in the performance sedan and crossover SUB markets, concluding with an what is typically an auto companies first offering, its mass market vehicle. Tests reversed the roll so they could generate a lot of hype in the media on a very limited production run. The most interesting thing about Tests is the role of marketing in selling electric cars that cost $100,000 or more. Many business leaders have attempted to change the automotive industry over the last couple generations and none have succeeded. The process Of buying a car is essentially the same as it was generations ago. And the process has remained unpopular for decades. Tests is creatively using marketing to upend the auto industry business model: There are no Tests dealers There are no commissioned sales people Tests cars are marketed and not aggressively sold Tests transactions are conducted online The price is the price: no negotiation There is no inventory: the Tests Model S is built to order You can’t test drive a Tests unless you put down a $5,000 deposit In many parts of the country, you can’t see or drive the car before you buy even if you place a deposit. You have to wait in line for months or years to get a car And the marketing challenges are incredibly difficult: They are building a new luxury brand from scratch They are evangelize a new type of vehicle: an electric car They are selling a 60,000 – $100,000+ car that can’t go on a road trip They must sell an entirely new model of buying and owning a car While Tests is starting with expensive vehicles, they clearly have mainstream ambitions. They are investing to build a big car company. How hard is it to build and sell cars in the USA? Look at it this way: Tests is the second oldest publicly traded auto company in the united States behind Ford. GM went bankrupt and went public four months after Tests. Chrysler remains private following its own reorganization. While Tests has a long way to go to be profitable, producing cars in volume, and vying towards the mainstream, their first home-built product -? the Model S -? is a SUCCeSS. They have 10,000 – 20,000 orders and have swept the auto industry awards, winning the most recent round of Motor Trend, Automobile, and Yahoo Autos awards for car of the year. Tests is the first startup car company, and the Model S is the first electric car, to win these awards. Risk Management Recommendations and Strategies- Based on the research conducted a few of the lessons learned would be prudent for Tests to internalize and incorporate going forward. Make sure that supply-chain, corporate and product strategies are tightly aligned. Teasel’s us apply-chain managers should work closely with the engineers to jointly evaluate costs, working with only a targeted few trusted suppliers. Complete and in-depth evaluation of the multiple external drivers, including global economic trends, customer preferences, proximity to markets, labor costs, supplier quality, regulatory requirements, environmental sustainability, community responsibility and geopolitical shifts. Don’t offshore manufacturing until your product has matured and stabilized. With the opening of the Gaga factory this issue is well on its way to being solved but it bears remembering. While there is no history of or mention of derivatives for Tests in either Its annual report or the media it is considered as a perfect hedge according to Seeking Alpha or Tests can capitalize on this to counter the first three risks related to the ownership Of our common stock identified in the 2012 annual report. 1. Concentration of ownership among our existing executive officers, directors and their affiliates may prevent new investors from influencing significant corporate decisions. 2. The trading price of our common stock is likely to continue to be volatile. 3. A majority of our total outstanding shares are held by insiders and may be sold in the near future. The large number of shares eligible for public sale or subject to rights requiring us to register them for public sale could depress the market price of our common stock. Hedging will enable a more diversified ownership, reduce the volatility in stock pricing and if staggered effectively reduce the impact of insiders selling large allotments of shares. Conclusion Tests developed a specific strategy for life cycle and supply train management with the goal of being â€Å"at least two generations ahead† of its rivals. As a intros strategy to improve on supply and demand management Tests will transition to increased levels of â€Å"in-house† manufacturing processes. In an integrated approach linking operations and political strategies Tests sells its cars to customers through its stores which it fully owns and operates bypassing state regulated dealerships entirely. Its technology strategy is a patent policy shift, put forth in an effort to quicken the percentage growth of electronic vehicles in the automotive market currently dominated by internal combustion engine vehicles. For a financial strategy Tests created a new enhancing option for customers that aim to bring down the monthly cost of owning a Model S. Tests has identified 69 different risks in its 2012 annual report and has formulated risk mitigation strategies for each. How to cite The Corporate Rundown Tesla Motors, Papers

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Drake Take Care free essay sample

On November 15, 2011, Aubrey â€Å"Drake† Graham dropped his sophomore album, â€Å"Take Care.† After Drakes debut, â€Å"Thank Me Later,† impacted the rap genre on such a huge scale, fans were excited to see what was next for the flourishing young rapper. â€Å"Take Care† not only raises the standards of rap, but also displays sincere emotions in a genre that celebrates being the toughest and coldest. Drake stands out because of his ability to convey explicit feelings, even if that means admitting to crying. Hes not afraid to pour it all into his music; at this pace, Drake is well on his way to revolutionizing the music scene. The emotion and sincerity can clearly be heard in Drakes voice whenever he raps or sings; he conveys so much in just a few words. Thats not to say that he isnt filled with arrogance, but his ego is well deserved due to his success. We will write a custom essay sample on Drake: Take Care or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Opening the song â€Å"Headlines,† Drake is not afraid to admit he believes the world is his and enjoys rubbing his success in the noses of those who doubt him. â€Å"I might be too strung out on compliments/overdosed on confidence/started not to give a f**k and stop fearing the consequence.† However, when you move on to the melancholy harmonica provided by Stevie Wonder in â€Å"Doing It Wrong,† the mood changes to the polar opposite: the pain and anguish of a break up. â€Å"Take Care† is a ride that can change moods from one song to the next, but with such finesse that the listener can easily accept it. Drake is an outstanding rapper, but when hes around good company, the guy becomes untouchable. â€Å"Take Care† features a variety of artists who complement Drake and bring out the best in this Canadian rapper. Throughout the album there are appearances from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Rick Ross, Birdman, and The Weekend. These artists have made their mark on rap and continue to do so. The highlights begin with the title track, featuring Rihanna. It contains a piano synth loop that gives an upbeat but cautious mood of entering a new relationship with its trust issues of being hurt by an ex-girlfriend. Then â€Å"HYFR,† featuring Lil Wayne, is a song that indulges in the joys of being famous and doing whatever you want. â€Å"The Motto,† also featuring Lil Wayne, is a bonus track available if the album is purchased online. It supplies a heavy bass line and constant crisp hi-hats that give an old-school feeling from the late ?s and ?s. The track demonstrates the glamour of fame and has Wayne and Drake flaunting their ego with a simple flow, but is still astounding. The pinnacle of â€Å"Take Care† is the hubristic track â€Å"Make Me Proud,† featuring Nicki Minaj. From start to finish, the song supplies lyrical acuteness from both Drake and up-and-comer Minaj. â€Å"Take Care† is a great composition and is also just a taste of what Drake is capable of. With this album, expectations have increased yet again. Now all thats left is to wait to see if Drake rises to expectations again.